Putting the Heart Back into Business

What I Do

  • I use my insight to capture the heart in your organisation
  • I nurture you throughout the process to uncover your true essence
  • I empower you to make your audience care about what you do
  • I value authenticity to capture your essence, I am always genuine and truthful in everything I do
  • I have vision and empower you to see your true potential and purpose
  • I have compassion and believe in your organisation, immersing myself fully to capture its essence
  • I help shape a new generation of people who make conscious informed choices

How I Work

Conscious Leadership Coaching will inspire you to move forward with focused intention.

I will share the experience, tools, skills and practical strategies I have acquired throughout my life to assist leaders in unlocking the untapped intelligence of their inner wisdom and help you reach your leadership goals more easily with long-term effectiveness.

This involves a series of confidential video calls where, over an agreed period of time, we will unlock the blocks and move from dis-ease to ease with new perspectives and skills to balance the mind and emotions.

By accessing a higher intelligence, leaders will notice improved health, productivity and quality of life.

You see, every leader is going to face challenges. Below, I’ve listed some of the most common roadblocks that almost all leaders have faced or will face at some point in their careers:

  • Staying humble while remaining confident
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress without letting emotions overtake your decisions or demeanour
  • Keeping yourself and your team motivated to make a difference whilst avoiding burnout
  • Developing conscious leadership skills by tapping into your highest potential
  • Dealing with conflict with ease and grace
  • Clear and effective communication

When you work with me, you will begin to feel a sense of personal freedom as, in your own time, you disentangle from collective consciousness and release the many limiting beliefs you developed through unconscious childhood programming. When you begin to crack these codes, you can start adjusting your actions and thought process to better influence, lead and inspire your team members and help you overcome the above challenges.

You will learn how to better communicate your intentions, deal with conflict and keep everyone, including yourself, motivated. You’ll be able to identify and respond to moments of stress and anxiety, and you’ll be able to master the art of balancing confidence with humility.

My goal is to empower you to become a better leader and overcome your daily challenges. I help you learn where you may be operating on autopilot so that you can make conscious informed choices. One-on-one conscious leadership coaching will empower you to live your highest potential and purpose!

Client’s work consists of:

  • Practice, patience and dedication to taking charge of their own life choices
  • Finding the courage to face past inner traumas and/or self limiting beliefs locked in their subconscious
  • Becoming an observer, understanding that the issue is separate from who they are
  • Realising and accepting that it is within their power to release or change it
  • Physical, emotional, energetic awareness

Additional benefits to the organisation

Leaders will gain a better understanding of how to translate business objectives into purpose-driven stories that create impact. Insights can be used to create internal & external communications to demonstrate how the organisation got from A to B and make people care about what you do

Want to know more? Let’s talk. Price available on enquiry for small groups or individuals.