Darkness lasts not even for one second when you turn on the light – Marie-Laure LeBlanc

You’re invited to join in this FREE Summit Series: Out of the Darkness and into the Light, life-transforming presentations from Conscious Leaders, Spiritual Guides & Ascension Wayshowers.

15th March – 23rd March

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This Summit Series is designed to assist you in tapping into the wisdom and support that is within you. Learn from powerful Conscious Leaders, Spiritual Guides and Ascension Wayshowers who assist you in awakening to the truth of who you are. These masters who are known for their gifts will be sharing presentations to assist you on your journey.

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Every one of us experiences periods of struggle, pain and loss in our life – dark nights of the soul. This is an unknown territory where one can feel confused and devoid of tools, with no idea how to move forward.

These presentations offer discussions and offerings that will help cultivate and maintain a state of higher frequency so that you can move out of the darkness and into the light.

We have been living through some dark times and now have an opportunity to move out of a third dimensional reality of pain and suffering and into fifth dimensional consciousness – A New Earth Way that offers love, joy, beauty, laughter, abundance, the sweetness of life and magic of heart-centred living. Discover how to navigate the storm and sail through the choppiness, into calmer waters.

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Find out what’s possible when you choose to shift out of the chaos and into calmer conditions. Join us in these uplifting, high vibrational Hart to Heart conversations and tune into higher consciousness and higher living.

FREE REGISTRATION for this event Happening 15th to 23rd March.

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Attend the Freedom Summit and you’ll learn how to transmute darkness into light and make 2024 your year to…

  • Clear trauma and heal from within to create a remarkable life
  • Step out of the third-dimensional game board into the fifth dimensional experience of well-being
  • Set your inner child free and follow your joy
  • Be more visible and shine your unique soul light
  • Find joy, fulfilment, balanced health and abundance
  • Manifest your deepest desires and fulfil your true purpose
  • Surrender to a higher calling and co-create your reality
  • Consciously create a new story of your life!

And so much more…

Our Speakers

Day 1 Catherine O’Connor: Out of the Shadows and into the Light of You

Day 2 Jim Self: Awakening the Master Within

Day 3 Eddie BenAbraham: Shattering the Illusion to Reveal a Greater Consciousness of Truth

Day 4 Kim Van de Sande: Embodying Seeds of Love

Day 5 Aaron Jones: Connecting with Your Inner Child, Magic and the Faeries

Day 6 Denise Ricard: How to Utilise Your Personal Numerology for Clarity & Freedom

Day 7 Sophia Kryst: Revealing What is Hidden through the Eyes of Love

Day 8 Susan Kennard: Heal from Within to Create a Remarkable Life

Day 9 Casca Graham: Akashic Records & Dragon Medicine

…the link to watch the conversations will be sent each day

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Victoria Hart is a Visionary Soul Coach, Quantum Energy Healer, and New Earth Leader. She has been exploring the metaphysical and mystical world for as long as she can remember. This has enabled her to study with some great masters in cutting edge and revolutionary therapies, inviting exponential breakthrough results. Victoria has an innate ability to get to the heart of the matter and brings wisdom, inspiration, and humility to empower people to break the looping cycles of programmed reality and consciously create a new life story. Her mission is to create balance and harmony between humanity and nature by realising her true potential and power and teaching others to do the same.

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