If you have a challenge or problem that is making you feel panicked or fearful, this mini video course will guide you to rebalance your emotions and help you turn your problems into infinite possibilities using the 6P’s Possibility Process™.

In this 6-step mini-course collaboration, author’s Victoria Hart and Peter Anglin take you through six panic-busting modules that will leave you feeling cool, calm and centred, whatever challenges come your way!

Finding yourself in a state of panic is extremely upsetting as it lands you slap bang into inner turmoil. To be clear, the panic we’re talking about here is not the same as panic attacks. We’re talking about the continuous build-up of fear, worry, and anxiety, in anticipation of an unpleasant event you believe is going to happen. So, this course addresses on-going feelings of anxiety and dread and helps you recognise your thought and behaviour patterns so that you can shift from being an unconscious reactor to a conscious creator.

You’ll get one module emailed to you every three days for three weeks – starting with getting clear on the problem that is causing you to panic, then steps to reframe fear-based reactions, and finally envisioning and creating new possible outcomes.

You’ll feel more calm, relaxed and connected from this 6-step guide to infinite possibilities.

Here’s what YOU will get…

There are 6 modules. In it, you’ll learn things like:

  • What causes your Panic, in your specific situation? What are YOUR specific triggers that give you anxiety, fear or worry?
  • How to tackle your anxious feelings, using the 6 P’s Possibility Process™
  • Discover how to become more conscious of your perceptions and feelings about the problem that’s causing you to panic
  • How to change your emotional state by facing the worst possible outcome
  • Discover the 3 core pathways that connect your beliefs to your behaviours
  • Reprogram your memory of the problem and consciously create a potential future with your preferred outcome
  • How to transform your state of panic into one of Possibility, and give yourself the best chance of creating a favourable outcome!

The mini-course comes complete with a downloadable workbook & tips, and transcripts to help you along the way. This will allow you to easily access your training while on the go and to review the teaching materials at your leisure. The workbook will be your resource to ensure that you have all the tools you need for success.

This mini-course is for you, if you’re motivated and ready to do something about the problem. There is no “typical result.” Results can vary and how much this course can help you is very personal. Coping with it, learning to hide it is not enough! You have to decide to deal with the causes to live a much more relaxed life.

Did you ever wonder why you were first panicky in a certain situation, and then slowly, you started to feel it in new situations as well?

The good news is that when you learn to recognise your emotions, you’ll also be able to DECIDE when you want to feel cool, calm and centred.

Imagine who you might be just 3 weeks from right now… wouldn’t you like to find out?