Receive your own Galactic Activations Golden Sun Chi Ball Attunements 

Galactic Activations is a Quantum Healing modality using forty-eight powerful Galactic Sacred Geometry Light Encoded Templates and Overlighted by the Star Councils, and in particular, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians, all of the Light. 

The Galactic Activations are intentional quantum energy wave spectrum frequencies of Photonic Light, and pure Diamond, Crystalline, Plasma Light in geometric form, with the primary sacred geometry being that of the Flower of Life, holding many of the secrets of the Universe. 

These “Galactivations” accelerate our path to New Earth and corresponding realities through raising our frequency and expanding our consciousness, assisting us to restore our Divine Blueprint and transcend all karmic experiences no longer needing to be experienced. 

Order your own personal Galactic Activation Golden Sun Chi Ball Attunements, providing a short summary of what you are experiencing in your life and what you would like support with. 

Some of the numerous Galactic Activations and corresponding Geometric Templates received include: 

  • The Beloved I Am Presence 
  • Zero Point 
  • Higher Selves, Future Selves and Multidimensional Selves 
  • Divine Plan Geometric Templates 
  • Kundalini Activation 
  • Pineal Gland 
  • Golden Sun 
  • Axiatonal Alignment 
  • Akashic Records 
  • Merkaba Activation 
  • Light Body Activation 

And numerous healing templates such as: 

  • Purification Rings of Fire 
  • Light Healing Infusion 
  • Inner Temple of Self Love 
  • Inner Plane Healing Masters 
  • Acupuncture Healing Masters 

And so much more…  

What Are Golden Sun Chi Balls? 

Golden Sun Chi Balls are energy balls created through pure Source Light and hold the energy of your I Am Presence. 

When you request an Attunement, I will create a unique Golden Sun Chi Ball, containing the Galactic Activation that was intuitively chosen just for you. 

The Golden Sun Chi Balls are a powerful way to receive the Galactic Activations. 

The Golden Sun Chi Balls are timeless and once a Chi Ball is created, it will continue to exist until the energy of the Galactic Activation it contains is received and activated. 

What you will receive: 

I will intuitively select the Galactic Activations for you which you will receive via email as an audio recording and Golden Sun Chi Ball energy transmission, along with each Galactic Sacred Geometry Light Encoded Template and affirmation. You can work with the Galactic Activations over and over, as you go deeper each time. 

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As a Certified Galactic Activations Practitioner, I am able to offer you these powerful Galactic Activations.


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