My Story

Have you ever felt you just didn’t fit in, a sense of not belonging?

Me too.

I’ve been exploring the mystical world of spiritual philosophy and quantum science for as long as I can remember, though I kept much of this to myself, out of fear of being labelled ‘weird’.

As a child, I was wise beyond my years, yet frequently criticised for being a dreamer, having a will of my own, and going ‘against the norm’. Too often, my intuitive and inquisitive nature was unappreciated and so I learned to dim my light.

Did you know it’s discouraged to awaken a sleepwalker? Waking them could trigger a stress response, meaning that when startled the sleepwalker is likely to act in a manner akin to ‘fight or flight‘ response. They may lash out or fall, they may injure themselves or the person waking them. The safe option is to encourage the sleepwalker back to bed.

You know, most people experience their entire life as a sleepwalker.

Bleary eyed, merely surviving, they believe they are embracing life… when in fact they barely exist, unconscious to their own infinite capacity to thrive.

How do I know this? Because what I describe happened to me…

You see, what needed to die within me was my sense of self; the ego mind, the self that had been constructed through routine, programmed reality.

So I asked myself:

How was I able to attain freedom and self-mastery if I was not aware of my Self; of my own character and feelings.

I immersed myself in Quantum Healing and understood that each time I put others’ needs above my own, I abandoned myself. The more I trusted the power of the healing process, I realised how far I had disconnected from my Self.

This profound realisation is where I found my inner strength, and with that… the courage to honour my own inner guidance.

With new-found confidence I was empowered to take action as I now recognised those deep rooted, lifelong habits programming my subconscious were in fact, distracting me, holding me back. This was a deeply liberating experience, so much so, I found myself coming alive.

Today, after awakening the Soulful Self within, I now have the ability to empower others to do the same.

Through Quantum Healing I have been able to embrace deep fulfilment for the first time, as I realise my true potential and awaken my Divine Self; the Self beyond programming.

This is what success has meant for me.

Perhaps some of what you read here resonates?

What would success through Conscious Creation Coaching feel like for you?

I’d like to offer you a very special opportunity to find out, and discover ways to connect with yourself, nature, others, and experience a deeper love of life.

My mission now is to teach and empower others; so they too may experience the same profound gifts I enjoyed when coming alive!

The gift of becoming the Conscious Creator and learning to master your reality!

Victoria Hart

Who do I work with?

You may be at a crossroads in your life or experiencing a growing discomfort and feel that something is wrong or missing as you begin to shift from unconscious to conscious.

You are starting to question your identity and the roles you play and, as a result, may feel lost, powerless, and even betrayed by others or life in general.

You might be asking “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?

You may experience a great deal of confusion, overwhelm, anxiety and even depression as you search for answers, and loop in certain limiting beliefs that keep you imprisoned in your familiar, yet unfulfilling reality. As you experience a variety of challenges designed to help you rise and shine, tolerable discomfort has turned into pain and suffering. You may feel panicked, and fluctuate between conscious and unconscious as you are called to challenge your belief system.

These strong emotional triggers can make you feel broken or vulnerable as your issues start showing up to be healed and released.

When you choose to work with me, you will accept your call to adventure and begin your journey of self-discovery.

You will begin to feel a sense of personal freedom as, in your own time, you disentangle from collective consciousness and release the many limiting beliefs you developed through unconscious childhood programming from unawakened parents, teachers, culture, society, religion and media. You will learn to awaken the Conscious Creator within and find the courage to take revolutionary steps to live your highest potential and purpose!

Meet Your New Earth Guide…

Victoria E. Hart

I am a Self-Mastery and Visionary Soul Coach, Quantum Energy Healer and New Earth Leader. I have been exploring the metaphysical and mystical world for as long as I can remember and have studied with some great masters in cutting edge and revolutionary therapies, inviting exponential breakthrough results.

I have an innate ability to get to the heart of the matter and bring wisdom, inspiration and humility to empower you to break the looping cycles of programmed reality and consciously create a new life story.

I specialise in guiding individuals towards their personal freedom, particularly in times of chaos, crisis and conflict, as well as matters of contract.

The essence of all my teachings assist you in connecting with your soul and Divine Self (your spiritual technologies!), so that you can learn to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and joy!

My mission is to create balance and harmony between humanity and nature by realising my true potential and power and teaching others to do the same.

I have been blessed to encounter many exceptional healers and teachers who have enriched my inner and outer life; helping with my recovery from childhood PTSD as well as chronic pain, and enabling me to develop my spiritual gifts and healing abilities. I have studied with Dr John Demartini, one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour; True Self coach, Nanice; Jim Self, an international speaker, author and leader in the field of spiritual development and personal energy management; Dr Sue Morter, international speaker, master of bioenergetic medicine, and quantum field visionary; and the OrinDaBen Foundation.

I am a Graduate and Mentor with Mastering Alchemy; a Certified Energy Codes© Facilitator with The Morter Institute of Bioenergetics; Certified DECU Practitioner and Evolution Card Coder with Activate Evolution Mystery School, as well as a Certified New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner with Voices of the Light Tribe. I am also a teacher of Divine Will with OrinDaBen Foundation.

Additionally, I offer pro bono mentoring services for women in the Humanitarian Women’s Network.

I share my insights writing for Brainz Magazine as well as contributing to their Expert Panel discussions.

My Values

1. Making a difference
2. Vision
3. Integrity
4. Compassion
5. Freedom