Using the Evolution symbol, we will code you to create your future pattern in the highest frequency.

Victoria will start by asking you to set your intention for the reading. The evolution cards will reveal insights regarding your current reality and guidance on the next steps to take towards manifesting your desire. This reading holds the highest level of self-discovery and potential, and will organically help you in your next NOW moment.

As the sacred code emerges, you will set the frequency of your highest evolution!

This is more than a reading; it is an upgrade in your consciousness to support you in holding the energy of the most advanced future patterns.

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ and ‘next’ and ‘more’?!

A recording of our session will be emailed to you.

Victoria is a Certified Evolution Card Coder


Duration: 30 mins
No. Sessions: 1

“Thank you Victoria for guiding me through a reading. It brought me unexpected clarity in areas I felt lost and conflicted for a long time. Your calm presence made me feel very connected. I’m extremely grateful for this experience” ~ Anna Lundh

“I had an incredible reading with Victoria. It gave me much information about my way forward, where I am now, whilst also helping to make sense of things. It was a very positive and uplifting reading. Thank you” ~ Charlotte Bufton