Panic management

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We’d like to introduce you the 6P’s Panic Free Process, that you’ll discover exclusively on our Panic to Possibility workshop for only £47 for the next 24 hours!

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6P's Panic Process


The 1st P in the 6Ps Panic Free Process, as you know from the webinar, stands for PROBLEM.

Because in order to know how solve a problem, you need to be totally clear on what that problem is, and to know what the parameters of the problem are and could be.

During the 1st P, we help you to not just define your problem, but also to;

  • Gauge how far it encroaches or could encroach on the main 8 key areas of your life
  • We also walk you through another 2 exercises that build upon the first 2, that will help you to further accurately define and constrain the problem, so you’re totally clear on the scale and impact the problem really can and does have
  • Just going through this first phase alone is totally mind-blowing in terms of how much better it will make feel about what your facing

And that’s just step 1!

During step 2 of the 6P’s process, you’ll begin to dig deeper into your emotional state and really begin to rewire your emotional circuitry for calmness in ways that are extremely effective.

Step 3 of the process walks you through a system of connections that you have and experience when in panic states, that really begins to connect the dots within your understanding about how the panic management process really works.

This is a truly eye-opening step that so many of our students simply weren’t aware of!

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When you move into step 4 of the 6P’s process, you’ll begin to apply a set of specific processes that link into and bring to life what you discovered in step 3.

At this point you’re really starting to layer on the techniques and will be starting to see just how powerful this 6-step process is.

At step 5, you’ll leverage one of the techniques we showed you on the webinar, and will be adding a supercharging component that will skyrocket that technique to the next level!

This hack is one that blows so many minds.

And then finally, for step 6, this where everything comes full circle and you go through a closing process that’s based on the previous 5 steps, that will leave you in no doubt, that you have just created your own powerful panic management system.

A system that allows you to transform your panic scenario into a set of positive, possible outcomes that you never would have conceived of before you went through the 6P’s process!

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