Out of the Shadows and into the Light of You

Catherine is a sacred architect, and channel of infinite knowledge and Divine love magic.

Working with sensitives, creators, healers, leaders and change makers who want to connect to their Truth, amplify their mastery bringing their unique voice forward.

She creates sacred-committed-nourishing environments, deactivating separation patterns to expansive-multidimensional-authentic Self expressions empowering efficient light embodied connections, impact and resources.

Integrating psychotherapeutic understanding with a refined connection to Thoth aligning and activating an experiential sense of the inner god/dess;

Catherine has a Post Graduate Diploma in Drama and in Child Mental Health, Certification in Quantum Light, training in Arcturian healing, aromatherapy, spontaneity, yoga, anthroposophy, and psychodrama. Catherine loves the ocean, mountains, and forests. She has three grown children and continues to enjoy spending time with each of them.

Special Offer A

Step into the spotlight; Live 90-minute Masterclass: $67.00
Release fears of being seen and step into the light being authentically confident

In this ninety-minute live group masterclass you will;

  • Discover the root of one core ancient visibility fear
  • Clear this fear
  • Unlock codes of happiness and confidence
  • Unlock a code of authentic visibility
  • Align to a profound sense of internal freedom
  • Discover your power to create your happiness through you being you
  • Unlock the potency of love residing within your heart.

Catherine will be partnering with Thoth and beings of light in light of the ninth dimension and higher.

Special Offer B

Out of the shadows and into the light of you.

1-2-1 Alignment transmission with Catherine, Thoth, and beings of light in light. $97.00 (Value $400)

In this customized 60 minute 1-2-1 we will focus on one area of your internal landscape and/or outer physical reality; exploring together how you would like this area to feel and be plus what is asking to shift: diving deep to recalibrate your inner world towards greater states of love, so you may create more of the life you are designed to experience.

Catherine will be working with her unique mastery as a sacred architect whilst partnering with Thoth and other masters in light.

Special Offer C

Special offer A plus special offer B  $133.00