Shattering the Illusion to Reveal a Greater Consciousness of Truth

Eddie is an International Spiritual Mentor, Medium, Channel, Inventor, Presenter, and Author.

Eddie’s most recent development is his connection with The Seven Founders and The Original Whales. Together with Gaia, the four created “The Spectacle”, a two-part healing journey designed to elevate our consciousness in a profound way.

Through his teachings of basic and advanced esoterics, Eddie offers his tribe the awareness and the means to consciously create a life of joy, balanced health, and abundance.

In 2017, Eddie introduced to the world one of his inventions: “The Compassion Gauge Tool”. with the help of his friend and master programmer, Peter Bakalov. The Compassion Gauge Tool can automatically detect and measure the level of compassion.

All this and more you can find on his Consciousness Development Vort8x.

Offer: Dive into your past, present and future with a channeled healing session