Awakening the Master Within

Jim walks with a foot in two worlds. He holds technology patents and is the founder of Biomed Diagnostics Corporation. He has served as a two-term elected official and Vice Mayor of San Jose, California and was appointed by the President of the United States to be the Director of Intergovernmental Operations for the United States Department of Energy.

Jim is also an intuitive clairvoyant teacher, speaker, author and international leader in the field of spiritual development, and co-founder of “A Course in Mastering Alchemy” with Roxane Burnett. Mastering Alchemy offers tools, enhanced personal energy management skills as well as the ability to remember how to step out of the third-dimensional game board and into the fifth-dimensional experience of wellbeing.

Offer: A foundational course for life – learn how to consciously live and create life on your terms. Mastering Alchemy is an interactive series of coursework designed to help you revitalize your energetic and inner guidance systems, allowing you to live the life you came here to live. The world is changing all around us — there has never been a better time to step out of the noise and start living with intention.