Heal from Within to Create a Remarkable Life

Known as a Spiritual Scientist, Susan has a wealth of experience and a passion for healing and transformation. With a background in psychology and psychotherapy spanning over 25 years, Susan is sought after as a therapist, speaker, and presenter. Her specialization in PTSD has led her to work closely with veterans and those who have endured significant trauma. With a clear channel to spirit and the higher realms, Susan’s work is known for its speed, directness, and accuracy. As a medium and channel, she collaborates with her galactic guides, incorporating channeling, toning, and light language to facilitate deep healing and heart field activation, empowering individuals to manifest their desires effortlessly.

Susan’s focus lies in assisting individuals, both children and adults, in clearing their trauma on all levels. She is well-versed in Meta Health, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the body and soul. By facilitating the healing journey of the body through the soul, Susan guides her clients towards holistic well-being.

Susan’s accomplishments extend to the realm of writing, as she is the author of “Awaken the Light Within Your Heart“, a book published by Hay House’s Balboa Press division. Her expertise has garnered media attention, including features on British BBC2 and ITV TV, Sky, and interviews on international tele-summits and podcasts. Susan also hosts her own podcast, “The Spiritual Awakener“, available on major platforms, and has cultivated a growing following on YouTube.

Driven by her unwavering belief in our innate capacity for self-healing and the ability to create a life of abundance, Susan is dedicated to helping individuals reconnect with their inner healer and align with their soul’s mission.

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