Karen Jayne, Finding Freedom Within Commitment

Karen Jayne is a certified, professional life coach specializing in relationships. She believes the most significant relationship you have is the one with yourself becuase the relationship you have with yourself influences how you perceive the other relationships in your life. Through enhancing awareness and offering a neutral mirror of reflection to her clients, KJ supports individuals as well as couples, and teams, in growing more into alignment with unconditional love, understanding, and gratitude. Through this engagement, she helps her clients reveal their own answers to their life questions, and supports them in attaining the frequencies and thought forms of their desired goals, in order to magnetise their fulfillment into their lives.

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Gabriela Von Kanel Fyfe, Freedom is an Inside Job

Gabriela is a Certified Transactional Analyst MSc, practicing as a psychotherapist in her private practice in New Zealand. From a young age Gabriela was a sensitive and a seer. What used to feel like over-sensitivity and overwhelm, has now become her superpower as she applies her intuitive skills in her work and life. These skills have allowed her to become a Divine communicator and teacher. Over the last 35+ years she has fine-tuned these skills to support her clients in their personal evolution, transformation and empowerment.

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Elodie Lod, Exploring the Truth of Who You Are

Describing herself as an explorer of life, Elodie’s journey of self-discovery uncovered her unique sensitivity to tap into energy fields which she now gifts to others through interactions and in private sessions.

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Ashara Gorbet, Freeing the Feminine Spirit

Ashara is devoted to supporting women in the reclaiming and re-anchoring of the Divine Feminine within the planet through feminine practices and feminine alchemical dance. Her offerings are attuned to the vibration of the New Earth and crafted to support women in self-transformation via the delicate fluctuations of the feminine energy system. She is the founder of Feminine Dance Academy, and the creatrix of Feminine Radiance Circles and Feminine Dance Alchemy.

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Getting In Touch with Your Feminine Essence  – This is a live session which will introduce you to your feminine power centre and demonstrate how you can use this practice in your daily life. In order to ensure the privacy of participants and the safety of the container, please note that the session will not be recorded.