Dear reader, I’d like to start off this blog post by immediately getting you to align with what we at the TACC call, “an inner point of power”. This particular point of power (for there will be many that we introduce you to) is your “story point“, and is akin to a reset position you can establish for your life when you want certain aspects of it to take a different and more fulfilling direction.

However it manifests for you (because there is no right or wrong answer), I invite you to first create the concept of this story point in your mind and body (which may lead to an image, a sound, a feeling, an inner silence, etc) and then when you have it, really feel into and resonate with the inner statement…

“I have the power to transform my life, if the life I am living now is not what I want it to be!”

From here you can begin re-scripting a particular life story you’ve found yourself following, by consciously deciding to “de-story” those parts that aren’t serving you.

Because often the restrictive life stories we find ourselves in and then wake up to, turn out not be stories of our own making at all, but are either others’ stories we’ve adopted or had programmed into us by the likes of well-meaning parents, society, associates, and other such sources. Or, they’re stories we’ve created after experiencing an emotionally-challenging situation at some point in the past.

Regarding this last mechanism, via the protective part of our personalities, we build a safeguarding framework in the form of a story we believe in and then follow, which serves to keep us from further harm should we encounter the same or similar future situations.

So as you can see, there are various setup factors that can cause you to be experiencing the type of events you currently are, that you no longer wish to.

In the “De-Storying Our Storypodcast , I shared one such story-creating example from my own personal life, which had resulted from me losing my father aged 11 months.

Losing a parent is certainly not unique to me, and is an experience I imagine many readers of this post can relate to.

And whilst you may have been of a different age when this unfortunate event happened to you, what’s important to get across is that the outcome is still going to be same; i.e. because of the trauma and grieving process you went through, your protective personality would have created some kind of safeguarding story that you may still believe and be following today.

That being the case, if this story’s impact is creating some kind of restriction(s) in your life and you’re now aware of this pattern, then it’s probably a good time to find your story point and begin the life re-scripting process, so those restrictions can begin to be eased or removed altogether.

By sitting down and identifying the areas where your life is creating restriction, you’ll soon be able to see what future events are been denied you, because of your protective personality’s safeguarding.

Yes, the safeguarding was important to put in place for a time, but everything has an expiry date, especially if you are now struggling to create the type of experiences you really want in your life, be that;

  • Manifesting love or other fulfilling relationships
  • Cultivating the ability to speak up and be heard
  • Starting to earn more money
  • Undertaking work you really enjoy and want to be doing

or anything else.

Life is here for us to engage and embrace fully. So if you’re finding your stories are not helping you do that, then we recommend locating your story point and beginning to de-story and rewrite your life in ways that will open new doorways to the kind of opportunities and experiences you want more of.

We look forward to reading your comments below and catching up again soon.

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Speak soon.