According to various psychological studies, the average adult thinks c.6,000 thoughts every day, many of which are repeated.

Now, how scientists measure this exactly I don’t know, but what I am sure of is that our minds do indeed chatter away constantly for many hours during our waking states.

So the question is, with this continual, internal jibber-jabber, are we unconsciously creating limiting stories about our lives that, through repetition, start to become beliefs that we buy into, act upon, and then “experience” in the outer world?

I propose this is exactly what’s happening!

With that said, and as a result of Covid locking us down and giving us more time to think, during that quite time did you become more aware of what stories you were telling yourself, or take time to analyse the stories you already¬†knew you’d bought into and were playing out?

Because whilst there were and continue to be a plethora of negative fallouts from the pandemic, being afforded an opportunity to stop, self-reflect, and self-analyse, was definitely a positive. And if you took advantage of that, you would have a chance to make some powerful life changes.

Personally, I had quite a few revelations about my stories and noticed a lot of them were to do with fairly mundane things.

Now, on an individual level, they were no big thing – but it quickly became clear that when you rolled a few of them together, collectively they were impacting quite a lot of my everyday life.

I realised that, whilst on auto-pilot, I was doing things that I didn’t need to be doing, or was acting in certain ways in certain sitiuations, when deep down I knew that wasn’t how I wanted to be acting at all!

“Hmmm – interesting!” I found myself saying in a Freud-like manner on a number of occasions (I’m not sure if I was stroking my chin at the same time?)

One such story I shared in the associated podcast (episode 1, series 2) was to do with my eating habits…

I’d bought into the fact that, whenever I felt or was getting close to feeling hungry, that meant it was time to go cupboard and fridge-digging and whip out some kind of snack.

Sound familiar?

Well, let’s just say that a 4-week intermittent fasting programme quickly put pay to that story, and I now have significantly more self-control and less panic when my little round engine begins to grumble a bit.

Pardon the pun, but here’s a key takeaway…

When you think about the stories you tell yourself, it’s important to remember 3 key things…

Your stories will either;

  1. Move you forward
  2. Keep you stuck
  3. Take you backwards

At The Academy of Concious Creators, we recommend that if you’re finding your stories are not moving you forward, that you should get to work on adjusting them so they do.

Because you only have a limited amount of time on this earth, so we’re sure you’d agree that by moving forward more often during it, you’ll get to experience more things and therefore will feel more fulfilled overall.

Time doesn’t stand still, so why should you?

In the related podcast, we go over some techniques to help you become aware of the stories you’ve been telling yourself, so you can deconstruct them if needed and rework them to ensure they begin pushing you forward.

And remember…

To get something new, you have to release something old!

Those are the rules regarding any kind of transformation.

Please leave your thoughts regarding this post in the comments below and contact us to discuss any of our coaching programs that you feel could help you start to transform your life.

Until next time.