As Albert Einstein said…

“Doing what you’ve always done and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”.

And as The Academy of Conscious Creators said…

“Taking responsibility for your response-ability is the key to rapid transformation”.

Now, it’s not often we get to have our name cited alongside Einstein (well – actually, it never happens), but we’ve done so this time because both statements underpin what’s needed when you’re aiming to create something new in your life.

Einstein is saying you must change your approach in order to generate a different outcome. And we’re saying you need to stop your unconscious habitual actions from being your default and start acting more from a place of conscious choice in order to generate a different outcome.

So, as you can see, fundamentally Einstein is saying he agrees with us ????.

You need to do something different to make something different happen in your life.

Because when you start to shift your thinking around the situations you want to change, you open up new opportunities for creating something fresh and original.

When you take a pause and choose to think about how you’re going to react to a situation before you react automatically, you have an opportunity to respond in a new way. And that new response will lead you to a different set of outcomes than would have been the case had you simply reacted automatically.

And when you start to notice that a feeling appears in your body each time you think about a situation you want to change, and you start to transform that feeling, you also begin to unlock new opportunities.


Because when you change the way you feel about something that’s causing you discomfort (hence why you want to change it), the next steps you take will be different than they would have been had you continued feeling the same way about it.

Make sense?

Interestingly, as I re-read that last paragraph, the idea of using a kaleidoscope as an analogy for this has just popped into my mind, so let’s run with that…

Kaleidoscope of change

You can think of looking through the kaleidoscope as looking at the life situation you want to transform. The tube you look through is the situation, and the mosaic you see at the end is the likely future outcome of that situation (based on what you’re currently doing about it, or not as the case may be).

As you continue to look through the tube (i.e. continue to observe the situation you want to change), a quick twist of the right hand creates an entirely new mosaic at the end. You can think of the right-hand twist as the act of thinking differently about your situation, which leads to a different set of potential outcomes.

A quick jiggle and turn of the left hand, and once again another new mosaic is created – another new outcome. The left-hand turn you can think of as a change in the feelings you have about the situation you want to transform.

And if you decided to stop and rotate the entire device before making any twists, you’ll get yet another different mosaic…


You can think of the rotation as being the conscious choices you make about how you’ll react to the situation.

So as you can see, any changes you make to the way you engage the situation you’re desirous of transforming, will create a new set of potential outcomes. And these outcomes have the potential to look much prettier than does the original outcome you were heading for.

What this all boils down to, then, is that to become the person you need to be that matches the new situation you want to create, takes 3 inputs;

  1. A new way of thinking
  2. A new way of feeling
  3. A new way of behaving

It’s not possible to create something new in your life if you, the person who wants to create that change, stays exactly the same.

Because it’s through being the person you are now that’s causing you to experience this situation you want to change.

And that’s not a criticism – this doesn’t make you a bad person.

It’s just that the current person you are being at this time needs to undergo a transformation in order to be the new person who’s a match for your new desired outcome.

For there is never any progression without transformation!

And as we’ve seen, the key to that transformation lies in shifting;

  • Your mental state
  • Your feeling state
  • Your behavioural state

So that, my friends, is the what the creation code is all about – it’s about understanding and engaging with the holy trinity of the transformational process!

I really hoped this has helped to make you feel more empowered about your ability to effect the changes you want in your life.

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