I don’t know about you, but when it comes to music, I’ve found there seems to be 2 main types of people. There are those who listen to the lyrics all the time, and those who just seem to filter out the lyrics and simply listen – getting moved by the tinkling ivories, strumming guitar, chord structures, etc.

A few do both, but in my experience, there seems to be 2 main types.

Personally, I fall firmly into the latter camp.

But the reason for the comparisons is not to make out that one method of engagement is better than another, because that would be ridiculous.¬†Music, unless it’s an instrumental track, works both lyrically and auditorily.

I wanted to make the point because of what I feel when I hear music…

It doesn’t seem to make a difference as to the genre in terms of whether it moves me or not, but when I am moved, the feelings, or rather sensations, are tangible and visceral.

What is happening is that my body is translating my reaction to the music into a physical sensation that has non-verbal information stored within it. I just feel in response to what I’m experiencing.

A few seconds later, the good ol’ mind jumps in and I can consciously label the feeling as this or that.

The fascinating thing is that my body is “talking” to me about the way I reacted to the experience I had, long before I’ve formulated words to describe it.

And most of the time, I’m able to discern almost immediately whether the feeling is a good or bad one.

So the point is, in the event that I know a certain feeling in my body means “bleaaaarrgh!” – I don’t like you (the sensation), and I don’t like you because of the nature of the experience it’s linked to; one could logically say that if I were to somehow change the feeling in my body so that it became a “yessssss!” type feeling, then it stands to reason that my interpretation of the experience it’s linked to would also change.

It wouldn’t change what happened – because the past is the past and what’s done is done, but it would mean my relationship to what happened would change, as would my relationship to the same or similar types of experiences moving forward.

Now, of course, there are caveats to that and further and deeper discussion points to be had based upon the nature of the associated experience.

But, for those experiences that are not too extreme or traumatising, getting to work directly on the feelings we have about certain experiences, is what can help us create shifts in our perceptions, which then influence our future thoughts and behaviours.

And this is indeed a method of personal transformation we use a lot here at The Academy of Conscious Creators.

So if you’d like to know more about how we can potentially work with you to create a specific transformation in your life, please contact us today and we’ll start off with a casual discussion.