When you think about it, the saying might be more accurately expressed as “mind becomes matter” or even “mind your matter” (where mind becomes a verb).

Because as quantum physics has proven, the act of directing our thoughts or consciousness onto a particular outcome we want, really does help to bring it about.

The mind seems to be a focusing and manifesting tool, that causes the essence of the physical matter around us (the atoms and molecules of objects), or the components of the experiences we have, etc., to some how coalesce and from into real, tangible objects and scenarios that we then interact with.

It’s as if we’re able to literally dream things into existence!

I mean, think about it…

Each time you go to sit down on a chair or go to sleep in your bed, what you’re really doing is sitting or lying on somebody else’s vision and idea!


Crazy as it sounds, that’s actually the truth.

The chair you sit on at one time never existed in reality. It first became a thought in someone’s head, then the thought became a clearer vision of a future outcome.

That vision was then really bought into and believed in to such an extent, that the person who’s idea it was initially, was spurred into some kind of action and the result was the first chair appearing in the world.

Never has there been a truer example of magic!

At first there was nothing and then, “piff, paff, poof” (remember The Great Soprendo anyone?), you had a real, solid something.

And so this simple example really does serve to illustrate the power of our minds and magical nature of the world we live in and constantly create from moment to moment.

Yet, most of us forget how miraculous we and our minds really are!

But is it really any wonder that this is the case?

Because whilst certain TV shows, sports teams, and social media memes can be entertaining, and discovering the latest gadget that chooses the winning lottery numbers whilst also giving us a no-lose formula to use at the betting shop can be captivating, what they’re doing is continually externalising our focus so we get habituated into thinking that “where it’s at” is out there!

The lure of the external continually pulls your attention away from your internal magician – your inner Gandalf or Gandalfina!

Take a minute and think about the reason why nearly every month there’s a new this or that to research. Why every year there’s a new phone to get, a new type of TV to buy, a new style of clothing to sport, and so on, and so forth.

“Yes!” – I hear you say, “It’s the advancement of technology and so these things are bound to occur.”.

Ok, but…

When you think about the power of your mind and what it can create when focused on a specific set of outcomes you want in your life, can you imagine what type of world we could be living in if more people remembered/became aware of their true power and the fact that…

“Your mind is literally a reality-creating machine!”

That’s one heck of a tool to have at your disposal.

And so with a somewhat cynical hat positioned at a jaunty angle upon my head, I have to look at whether there might be another reason behind this never-ending distraction matrix we’re all so deeply immersed within.

But hey – such talk may well lead to some calling me the “C” word, so for now, let’s focus on what we know for sure.

And that is…

When used correctly, consistently, and in concert with your positive emotions of enthusiasm and excitement, you can leverage your mind to manifest all you’ve ever wanted.

You can literally use it to create the type of world you want to see and experience, and to create the type of world you want your children to inherit.

So this is the time for remembering your true power folks…

It’s the time to periodically withdraw from the external world, to go inside, to formulate, dream, and then imagineer the future you want, by using the natural and magical power or your manifesting mind!

And so if you’d like to discover more techniques on how to use your mind and focus more effectively to start creating the life you want, contact us today at The Academy of Conscious Creators.