“The basis of your life: absolute FREEDOM. The purpose of your life: JOY. The result of your life: EXPANSION.” Abraham Hicks 

With the holidays around the corner, for some it’s a season of glitter and gold, while others might find themselves feeling lonely or stressed out with all the hustle and bustle. It may be a time that highlights feelings of lack, overwhelm or sadness. 

We become so preoccupied with what comes next, and trying to make everything perfect, that we may totally miss the small, simple pleasures of daily life itself, and see only sacrifice, hard work, anxiety and suffering. Or, we focus on what appears to be lacking or is never quite enough, rather than acknowledging what we do have to be grateful for. We get disappointed, depressed and feel hopeless. 

Yet, we can’t fully know joy without knowing sadness.

I know for myself, this time of year has often brought with it feelings of dejection and yearning; be it from unmet expectations, family disappointments, the loss of a loved one or like I am not enough, all of which can be hard to overcome. When we have expectations of others, we set ourselves up for an emotional rollercoaster; however, we have complete freedom to change. 

And so, if you choose to gather with family and friends, you can have a more joyful experience by practicing compassion and releasing any expectations you may have of them. After all, some of the best memories are created when things didn’t quite go to plan!

3 tips for personal freedom: 
  • Find your inner joy, which is available in every NOW moment
  • Let go of expectations and be open to possibilities
  • Stay true to your values and needs 
Joy is our natural state and we can choose to be joyful without having to hook into something outside of ourselves to determine our state of being. If something happens in your life that moves you out of this natural state then you are likely being invited to see it as a ‘gift’ to help you move out of primal programming. Because, if only love is real, all else is programming.
When you remain present and express yourself authentically, you can maintain your joy. Remember, the joy in giving comes from the heart with no expectation of getting anything back. It’s giving purely from love. Having a sense of inner happiness and fulfilment means that you don’t need validation from others, you feel complete and sparkle just as you are. So, give yourself the gift of your own presence and find the joy in being YOU this holiday season. 
Wishing you a wondrous year ahead! Make it so – get your glow on and show us what you got! 
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